Album Review - David Byrne & St. Vincent, “Love This Giant”

Accomplished solo artist St. Vincent and Talking Heads frontman David Byrne recently released their first collaboration- Love This Giant. Here at The Correspondence we have discussed reviewing albums we might not normally listen to based on staff recommendations; the goal is to end up with fresh views on a release and more diverse opinions on records. I understand this concern, but its just going to have to wait because this album fucking destroyed me.

As a listener with a short attention span, I can’t remember the last time something captured my attention so completely. I am a casual fan of Talking Heads, and I’ve never cared much for St. Vincent’s solo work, but the first 8 songs of this album took me absolutely hostage. I would describe the sound as a modern extension of new wave with horns all over the place. The brass section is cinematic and subtle one minute and funky the next. This record sounds so creative and comfortable in its own skin that this doesn’t feel like a gimmick. David Byrne’s voice sounds regal compared to his younger, more frantic style, but he carries the same amazing ability to paint a lyrical picture. St. Vincent is captivating and delicate from song to song, but Byrne delivers more of my favorite moments.

Some of the songs are overly repetitive and a few sections are jarring or downright weird, but every track manages to find a uniquely great place. This album deserves your attention.

Final Rating: 9/10

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~ Mike Morrongiello